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Teekl (BTAS)

Teekl (BTAS)

Teekl, is a DC Comic villain and Klarion the WItch Boy's pet cat.


Teekl is an orange cat, with a white belly, black stripes on her/his back, legs, and head. In the New Batman Adventure, Teekl can shapeshift into a female cat humanoid. In Young Justice, Teekl has more stripes on his body, his eyes are blood red, and can shapeshift into a giant tiger-like monster.

TV Appearance

New Batman Adventures

While Bruce Wayne and Tim Drake were at an auction, they come across Klarion, and his pet cat; Teekl. They both wanted a mystical branding iron that originally belonged to Morgan le Fay. After Bruce won the auction and gave it to his friend, Jason Blood. Furious, Klarion was intent on getting the branding iron, Klarion sent Teekl to steal the Branding Iron.
Teekl (humanoid)

Teekl (Humanoid)

When Teekl tried to steal she shapeshifted into a humanoid of a woman and cat. She easily fought Bruce, Tim and Etrigan easily and managed to steal the Branding Iron. After Batman managed to take Branding Iron form Klarion, Klarion sent Teekl to kill Batman and take back the Branding Iron. But Batman manage to press the Branding Iron, which granting him full control over Teekl. After Klarion was defeated and was sent to his room, it's likely that Teekl was imprisoned as well.

Young Justice

Teekl (Young Justice)

Teekl (Young Justice)

Teekl is Klarion's pet cat as well. He, along with his master, Klarion is a member of the Evil Orginazation; The Light. When Klarion casts a spell on Teekl, he turns into a giant cat-like monster instead of a humanoid cat girl.
Teekl (Monster form)

Teekl's Monster Form (Young Justice)


  • It's unknown what Teekl's gender really is. In Batman the Animated Series, Teekl is a female, but in Young Justice, Teekl is a male.

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