Teddy Juicer was the main antagonist of the episode "Welcome to My Fruitmare".

He made a living by juicing fruits in their sleep. He was first seen in one of Orange's nightmares, as he was about to juice him before Pear wakes him up. Passion Fruit, Apple, Coconut, Banana, Pineapple and some grapes started talking about fruits they knew who have been juiced by Teddy Juicer. Right after Pear protested that none of these stories were real, Grapefruit was juiced into juice.Orange then conducted a plan that he and the other fruits in the store would stay awake forever. However, this attempt obviously failed due to the fact that organisms need sleep in order for a healthy lifestyle. After about 72 hours of partying nonstop, they were finally getting to sleep, giving Teddy Juicer the opportunity to juice a persimmon, a lime, Pineapple, Grandpa Lemon, Apple, and Tomato. Orange then decided that if he and his friends fall asleep at the same time, they can work together to defeat Teddy Juicer. They fall asleep together and come face-to-face with Teddy Juicer himself, who begins singing a disturbing song about killing fruits. Orange and his friends realize after Teddy's musical number that they were in the dream realm, meaning that laws of physics didn't apply. They then proceed to set a trap for Teddy. Passion Fruit and Pear would lure Teddy through a tunnel, where Orange and the grapes would drop an anvil on him after exiting the tunnel. The plan worked and Teddy juicer was crushed to death, thus bringing everyone back to the real world.


  • Teddy Juicer is a parody of Freddy Krueger from A Nightmare on Elm Street.
  • Teddy Juicer has killed and juiced 8 fruit from the TV show.