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Teddy is an antagonist-turned-protagonist in the All Dogs Go to Heaven: The Series episode "Field Trip." He is a bratty boy who uses a remote-controlled car with something disguised as an old lady with a grocery bag that drops dog biscuits, leaving a trail to lead dogs (especially strays) into a trap. He does this to send them to the pound for elimination. It starts by him being the one who traps Charlie and Itchy and tries to eliminate them, unaware of the tricks they pull on the dogcatcher to get him locked in the truck instead.

When Annabelle takes Itchy's place on the mission of convincing Teddy not to trap and eliminate dogs, she and Charlie eventually go into the house and find Teddy scolding some of the dogs just for ruining his homework. Teddy goes back to set his trap for dogs, but Annabelle tells him it's not nice. Not seeing the dogs, he asks Annabelle to mind her own business. Charlie tells him this is their business (to Teddy's surprise, as he finds out the voices are coming from dogs) and bites the rope to trap Teddy, whom he turns into a dog with Annabelle's necklace.

As a puppy, Teddy goes after a cat, even though it means getting into the street and into pipes on a truck leading to a construction site. At one point, chasing the cat, he gets onto a beam that is being lifted by a crane and gets down.

Eventually, when Teddy, Charlie, and Annabelle are taken to the pound, Charlie and Annabelle reveal that he was the one who put other dogs into the pound. Teddy then realizes his mistake (not to mention Charlie realizing his and admitting it, causing a no-longer-needed Annabelle to vanish, and a needed-after-all Itchy to return and free them and lock the dog catcher in. Charlie and Itchy then bring Teddy back to his house, and he apologizes to his grandmother and gives her his love, and he is turned back into a human. He begins to treat the other dogs nicely.

It is unknown who did Teddy's voice, but it could have been Blake Ewing.