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~ Ted Tonate

Ted Tonate was a bomb squad member responsible by the death of detective Candice Arme, as well as assaulting Apollo Justice.


Ted Tonate was a bomb addict. He and Candice Arme had collected a deactivated bomb (From Turnabout for Tomorrow) and took it as evidence. Candice learned that Tonate was selling deactivated bombs and confronted him at lobby No.4. Tonate, before realizing what he was doing, hit Arme with the bomb, killing her. During this, Tonate saw someone grabbing the detonator for the bomb, but didn't see who it was nor had the time to find out as he hid Arme's corpse in a bomb transporting case. When he realized the bomb had been reactivated during the trial for Solomon Starbuck, he called attention to it and had everyone evacuated before the bomb went off, destroying Courtroom No. 4. During the trial for Juniper Woods, who was accused for the bombing as well as Detective Arme's death, he noticed that Apollo was looking for clues, so he hit him with a rock and altered a message that Candice Arme wrote in her blood with Apollo's bleeding finger, framing Woods even further. After Phoenix Wright had managed to clear Woods and accuse Tonate with decisive evidence, he claimed that his practice model of the HH-3000, a replica of the bomb that destroyed Courtroom No. 4. and the model he had been dismantling and repairing, was real and threatened to set it off. After he allowed the court to evacuate, Phoenix managed to present evidence that the bomb Tonate had was NOT real. After being revealed as the killer and Apollo's attacker, he was arrested on those charges as well as the charge of the bombing. It wasn't until the final case that he reveals the truth about the bomb, and the investigation looking into it, more specifically, the photo that pictured possible evidence, was essential in Phoenix's accusations against the one really responsible for Courtroom No. 4's destruction.


After laughing out of madness, Ted Tonate, who's HH-3000 bomb was close to the end of its countdown, started attempting to bite and tear the bomb's wires off, yelling "dismantle" over and over again. He then expanded his goggles and crushes them down onto the bomb, stopping it with the timer at 2 seconds. Then, Tonate's goggles exploded from its impact, with him collapsing onto the floor as the timer resumes. The timer reached 0 and announced "DISMANTLE ATTEMPT FAILED. GAME OVER".



Tonate was obssessed with his job and bombs. He often talked through a speech machine mounted on his arm, and had a robotic voice. He often dismantled bombs just to show off.

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