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"Your mom catches my long bomb!"
~ Ted Thompson

Theodore "Ted" Thompson is the main antagonist for the rest of Chapter 4 in Bully. He is the popular kid in Bullworth and the leader of the Jocks clique, also the main arch-enemy of Earnest Jones. He was voiced by Alex Cendese.

Chapter 4

Ted Thompson didn't appear until the very last mission in Chapter 4. After Jimmy made fun of the Jock during the big game, Jimmy and Ted begin their fight. Ted has three other jocks defending him and 2 other jock in case Jimmy gets to close. Ted will kick an explosive football. Jimmy then has to pick it up and toss it at the 3 other Jocks. Do the three times, and Ted will try to run away. He has low HP so only about 2 punches and get knocked out.

Chapter 5

In the end of Chapter 5, there was a riot in Bullworth Academy thanks to Gary Smith and and Jimmy and Russell have to fight the leaders of each clique group. Ted and 2 other jocks Damon and Bo, are in the library burning books. Both Jimmy and Russell fight Ted. (Unlike his boss fight, Ted uses the Jock fighting style)


  • He is very similar to Josh Daniels from Painting the Black as they are both jocks and also very similar in attitude and popularity.
  • He is 6'1 and 192 lbs.