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Ted Pryce was a protagonist in season 1 of the Royals. He was the hidden main antagonist on The Royals on season 2.

He was a good man, good husband and good father. But that was a cover, no one saw his true colors until season 2. He killed the King of England King  Simon Henstridge. His M.O., another word is motive why he killed the King of England. He was responsible for the death Simon's son Robert. He called in Brandon Boone to have Prince Robert killed. He also hated the Henstridge family behind their back. He wanted to take away one thing from England that matters most, is Simon. That is why he killed him, to get rid of the fall of the royal Henstridge family. In season 1, he was very loyal to King Simon and the rest of the Henstridge family. He was also a father figure to Liam. But that was an act, he wanted to get in the inside to destroy them and ruin their lives. He even held Prince Liam hostage inside the Limousine where they were going to announce a soccer game. They will show the Duchess, Liam's Grandmother killing the Domino group by confessing to the crowd. The reason why he killed his father and is the same reason why he killed Liam's half brother is, because he hated your family. Because of Liam's mother Helena. Helena didn't kill Ted's wife, he just let her die. That is why he hated her and her family. Liam was that close to avenging his father, by killed Pryce. But Liam isn't a killer, they both have one thing in common. They both care about Ophelia and very loyal to her. But Ted's plan was going to work as the fall of the Henstrige family was coming through, until Eleanor and Jasper has the video of Ted killing Simon on video. They played it, the crowd turned against Pryce. The crowd beat the snot out of him, before Pryce was arrested by the feds and New Scotland Yard. He told Liam, to tell Ophelia not to miss him. The feds and Scotland yard arrested Pryce for murder and he is about to get the death penalty pretty soon because of the Treason Act of 1702.