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Your wife's cookies are out of this world.
~ Ted Maltin on the phone to Howard

Ted Maltin is the secondary antagonist of the 1996 Christmas movie Jingle All the Way. He is Howard Langston's next door neighbour, a divorced father who seems to be perfect in every way. Most people view him as a model father, but he only uses his own son to attract women.

He was portrayed by comedian Phil Hartman.


Ted first appears watching his sons in the annual karate contest, along with Liz Langston, the wife of Howard. Howard, meanwhile, was pulled over by the police for speeding on the highway, and his forced to recite the alphabet backwards. By the time he arrives to the building where the contest was being held, all that remains is a janitor cleaning the floor.

He is then seen on the roof of his neighbour's house, putting various festive decorations up, and tells Howard that he has recorded the contest via camcorder, which results in him giving his neighbour a dirty look when his back was turned.

When him and Liz were in the car at the parade, he tries to makes a move on her, but she refuses and throws a mug of eggnog on his face, which results in him having a wet face and broken glasses.

He was then seen when his son told him that he was dressed as the superhero TurboMan, which results in him leaving furiously, dragging his son in the process. He was never seen again after this.


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