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Ted Jones is the primary antagonist of the 2008 action-comedy Pineapple Express. He was portrayed by actor Gary Cole.

In the Movie & Death

Ted is a ruthless drug lord in a drug war between an Asian drug gang. The reason appears to be that Ted's black market gang and the Asian gang were competitors for secretly selling marijuana and both gangs wanted to target the same city/ town. Or instead, the drug war could be caused by racism and that Ted's gang has anti-Asian prejudice.

He targets two stoners, Dale Denton and Saul Silver, who witnessed his commited murder and tends to kill them while int he midst of the drug war between him and the Asians. He is allied with a corrupt police officer named Carol Brazier.

During the climax at his lair, a barn with a secret Pot grow house, he and Dale battle it out and Ted is brutally killed in a following explosion.