Ted Beneke from Breaking Bad

Ted Beneke

Ted Beneke is a supporting character from the AMC television series Breaking Bad. He is the president and owner of his family's business Beneke's Fabricators. Even though he's not portrayed as a bad guy, he has somewhat antagonist elements inside of him.

Seasons 2-4

Ted first appears in Breaking Bad during the 2nd season. Skyler, in need of a job in order to support her soon to be born baby, gets her old job back thanks to her old boss Ted Beneke. Ted had always been attracted to Skyler but does not make any moves on her. His company is on the verge of bankruptcy and begins to commit tax fraud in order to keep the company alive and let his employees keep their jobs. In order to keep the scams going, Ted has Skyler go through the company's books. 

In the 3rd season, when Skyler finds out that her husband, Walter White, is selling meth, she exacts her revenge on Walt by having an affair with Ted. Ted offers her to leave her stuff at his place, but doesn't. After hearing about the affair, Walt very angrily drives up to Ted's work to confront him. This confrintation later ends in a fight that makes security escort Walter out and make the entire staff at Ted's work learn about the affair. Skyler, though angry about Ted asking about the relationship, begins to help Ted with the tax fraud.

In the 4th season, right about the time Walt has bought out the carwash he used to work at, Ted confronts Skyler at the carwash and says to her that the IRS has him and her under surveliance from the tax fraud scheme. Angry and scared that her family might be caught, Skyler tries everything she can to help get Ted out of the sticky situation. Ted forces Skyler to say where she got the money from and admits it is from Walter's drug money stash. Ted blows off the tax money given from Walt's drug money and Skyler uses blackmail thanks to Walt's lawyer Saul Goodman and his associates. Saul's men come to Ted's house to make sure he pays his taxes which he does. He then tries to flee from Saul's men but trips on loose carpeting and falls and hits his head on a cupboard.

Season 5

In the 5th season, Ted, though not dead, is horribly disabled and presumably can't walk. Skyler visits him in the hospital and Ted garuntees his silence about her family's drug dealing.

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