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Ted DiBiase
Some may cost a little, some may cost a lot. But, I'm the Million Dollar Man, and you will be bought!

Ted DiBiase or mostly referred to as the "Million Dollar Man", was an absolutely hated wrestler during the World Wrestling Federation in the late 80's to the early 1990's because he could get everyone to do what he wanted them to do no matter how dastardly or degrading, everybody has a price for the Million Dollar Man according to him. He would give people a chance to earn $500 dollars only to mess them over. Ted DiBiase, was the personification of greed, selfishness, and bigotry. He would have people kiss his shoes, and even tricked a young boy, into bouncing a basketball 15 times for a large sum of money, only to kick the ball away on the 14th bounce, but one thing his money could not buy was the WWF/E Championship, when he caused the shortest WWE Reign in history when Andre the Giant sold the title to him in 45 seconds after he won it, Ted Sr. was stripped of the title and forced to compete for a chance to win it fair and square, only to lose the opportunity to win the title to the Legendary Macho Man Randy Savage. Later on he decided, hey I'm Rich I can have my own championship made in which he introduced the Million Dollar Championship created by him.

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