Team Skull is a villainous team in Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time, Space, and Sky, as well as a Team consisting of three Pokémon, Zubat, Koffing, and Skuntank.


They tend to love causing mischief and getting in the way of the hero and the partner. They also tend to bully people considering how they take an important item and place it somewhere where it definitely can't be reached by the Pokemon they stole the item from.

They also don't care who they step on as long as they get what they want. They also seem to be completely greedy and selfish. However they are not completely evil as their leader who is a Skuntank is touched by the fact that the hero and his/her partner still want to help them despite all they did to them.

Koffing and Zubat

The two sidekicks of their leader who are just like their leader as far as personality goes. These two have a trademark laugh of their own where Koffing goes "Whoa-ho-ho!" whereas Zubat goes "Heh-heh-heh!". These two are bosses in their own right even though they're very weak.


Skuntank, the big boss of the group is more clever than his sidekicks. He is true to his species name of the skunk Pokemon and manages to keep a whole bunch of Pokemon away from the area where he is at. He actually forms a bit of a combo move with Koffing called the "Noxious gas combo" which is a combination of Koffing's noxious gasses and Skuntank's terrible smells. He cannot be battled throughout an entire game but is implied by his henchmen to be incredibly powerful. He has his own signature laugh as well where he goes "Chaw-haw-haw!"


  • The trio consists entirely of Poison-Type Pokemon.
  • Although skulls have nothing to do with poison, Team Skull's name is notably based from a skull & crossbones found on the cover of poisonous chemicals such as pesticides. Also Koffing has a skull & crossbones emblem on his chest.
  • Team Skull is the first villain group to be never fought throughout the series, although Koffing and Zubat are fought in Chapter 1.
  • All three members of Team Skull are notably owned by various villainous groups: Skuntank being owned by Team Galactic's commander Jupiter, Koffing being owned by Team Rocket & Team Plasma Grunts, and Zubat being owned by every various villainous team grunts.
  • There is a other evil team with the same name called Team Skull, added in Pokémon Sun and Moon.
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