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Team Jellal is an unofficial and unnamed team of Dark Mages that was created by Jellal Fernandes with slave kids in the Tower of Heaven.

Creation of Team

Team Jellal was created by Jellal Fernandes with the help of Erza Scarlet when they were kids trying to escape from the R-System.


Escape the Tower of Heaven (X776)

This was the mission that brought them together, but Erza was the only one that accomplished.

  • Erza leaves the team

Capture Erza Scarlet

Jellal commanded his team to capture Erza and bring her to him. He did this so that he could sacrifice her in the Tower of Heaven and resurrect the Dark Mage Zeref.

Escape the Tower of Heaven (X784)

Wally Buchanan, Shô and Millianna escape on a boat with Gray Fullbuster, Lucy Heartfilia, Juvia Lockser and Happy.

  • Simon sacrifices his life to save Erza and Natsu.

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