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Tazer is the weapon specialist in the Zirkonian team and the tertiary antagonist of Aliens in the Attic.

He is voiced by Thomas Haden Church.


Tazer is part of a team led by Skip who comes to invade Earth, along with Razor and Sparks. He is armed with a sniper rifle, which is shot at the back of the neck of a victim to control them with an alienware controller, often used by Skip the Zirkonian leader, but was now being used by Pearson kids. He is also the muscle-bound dude armed to the teeth, he claims he is better than Razor, but just like her, he has a little crush on her. He grows himself to a giant and has to fight a controlled Skip, but he is shrunken and Razor comes back for him and claims they will "hug" on Zirkonan. His parents also abandoned him when he was young.