Taylor Volpe is an antagonist in the upcoming James Bond fan film Live to Die.


Taylor is a henchman. He plans to help Ben in spraying gas over a small town in Georgia to rob them of their money and belongings and slipping away unnoticed. If the plan works they will continue moving from city to city and eventually taking out the world. It's up to James to stop them.


Taylor is a good driver. He chases James (who is on a golf cart) on his scooter. He and Nina (his partner in crime) chase him until Nina is knocked off the road but Taylor doesn't give up and continues shooting at James until he blows out James' tires forcing him to run off the road.

Place in SPECTRE

Taylor is in Number 11 in the SPECTRE hierarchy. He is in higher rank than Nina, John and the other henchman (minus Blair), as he is the one who leads the scheme in killing Bond.

Behind the Scenes