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Taylor Kravid is a antagonist turned supporting protagonist in the TV series Heroes Reborn. She is portrayed by Eve Harlow.


Taylor is a field agent working for Renautas and the daughter of CEO Erica Kravid.

In "Odessa" Taylor shows up at the same casino as Molly Walker but Molly is paying no attention to her and walks away. a little while later, Taylor comes and saves a wounded Molly, she takes Molly to the bar and gets her a drink, Molly tells her she needs money to get away and Taylor offers it to her, next thing she knows, she's tied up in the hotel room with Taylor and Francis, they're working together.

In "Under the Mask" she arrives at the airport with her boyfriend Francis and Molly Walker. She finds out that Francis isn't allowed on the flight, she wants to talk to M.F. Harris and he says that Francis isn't allowed on. Molly won't be quiet, so Taylor tells another agent to shut her up. She sees that Molly wakes up and then Molly tells her that they're either going to kill her boyfriend or do something worse. Taylor arrives at the E.P.I.C launch review with Molly. She calls Francis but no one answers. Taylor meets up with her mom and wants to know what happen to Francis but she won't tell her.

In "The Needs of the Many" Taylor is outside of Renautas, she is distracted by Quentin long enough for Noahto sneak up behind her with a gun. They want Taylor to help them break Molly Walker out, then she recognizes Noah. She's not telling them anything. They tell Taylor that the EVO's are humans, they don't deserve to be locked up, they want her to at least question her mother. She 's now in her mother's office and she's touching the sword they took from Miko Otomo. Her mom enters the office, she asks Erica what happened to Francis, her mom avoids the question. Her mom tells her that she ]'s upset that Taylor would be with an EVO, Taylor says that he's a good guy. She wants to know why Erica is rounding up EVO's, once again she avoids the question and then she tells Taylor that she's doing this to save the human species. Taylor approaches to guards and stab them in the neck with a syringe. They are searching for Molly but is stopped by three of M.F. Harris' clones. Noah tells them to get down on the count of three, once they do, he begins shooting and kills all 3 clones. Taylor finds Francis in a room full of incapacitated EVOs, her mother is attempting to harness their powers. Molly reveals to her that Erica is going to kill 7 billion people.