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Taylor Dean is the main antagonist in Zapped. She is the popular and mean girl at Westlake High School. Taylor is best friends with Yuki. Taylor is Jackson Kale's ex-girlfriend.

She is enemies with Zoey Stevens and Rachel Todds.

She is portrayed by Emilia McCarthy.


Taylor Dean rules the halls with her popularity. She is a dancer and a bully. She bullies Zoey and the whole school. Taylor is described as a snobby mean girl.


Zoey Stevens

Zoey is Taylor's biggest enemy and dance rival at Westlake High School, however Zoey doesn't let Taylor bring her down. They have a dance-off at the end. Taylor believes Zoey's stealing Jackson, her "boyfriend", away from her.

Jackson Kale

Jackson is Taylor's ex-boyfriend. Their relationship/feelings was always one-sided (Taylor). Unfortunately, She still has a crush on him and still is trying to win him back.


  • Taylor and Zoey are enemies.
  • Whenever Taylor does a hair flip, a whip sound effect is played. It is a running joke with her character, as both Rachel and Yuki both attempt to imitate it.
  • Actress Emilia McCarthy stated that this was an extremely fun role for her, as she was able to channel her inner sass for the role.
  • McCarthy also said she had trouble keeping herself from cracking up during every scene, as she found her acting for the character hilarious.
  • McCarthy was instructed to overact as much as possible, as Disney was poking fun at themselves for their classic female bully.
  • She is a bully (She is bullying Zoey and Rachel).

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