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Tay Ritt as sexual maniac with razor

Tay Ritt is a villain from Italian comic Dylan Dog episode Rayor Balde. He is a masked maniac whose fetish is torturing and butchering young women with razor blade.


The episode begins with a masked maniac torturing a young women Jesica Ritt. He than have sex with her, and then he butchers her with razor blade.

Next day Tay Ritt comes to Dylan Dog investigator of nightmares telling him how his wife told him how maniac chased her, after he killed a young women with razor.

Dylan comes with Tay, only to discover perfect wife like from TV commercials: she loves her husband,she cooks, cleans etc.

Dylan than goes to local factory, and meets with CEO of the factory. He also meets his secretary, and he falls in love with her.

Later Dylan meets Jesica running from masked maniac.

He starts fighting Dylan and almost kills him with the whip with which he tried to strangle him, but Jesica cuts maniac's throat, discovering it was Tay all along.

Dylan than discovers the truth:the Factory in that neighborhood is in fact a Lab that transforms people into androids.

Tay came with Jesica, because he wanted to make his wife a robot, so he can torture and kill her, and she will be still alive after CEO repairs her. The same they did with secretary.

Dylan goes back home, only to find secretary killed by Tay's mother Johannna Ritt, famous actress who saved Tay from prisson many times.

Dylan kills Johanna, then brings secretary to Factory, where she is healed. The last word in comic came from Dylan. He says he is still in love with secretary.


Tay is a critic on sexual maniacs.

His maniac disguise(?) is quite interesting:it consisted of cape and a helmet similar to Roman legionaire helmets, only it covered whole face.