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Taxi Driver appered as a minor enime in Mr. Bean: The Animated Series. He didn't get any fare when Mr. Bean and Gaddwin wear done with his cab. When they ran away from him, he gets angry. He started looking for Bean and Gaddwin as they hide from him. Later on in the episode, Gaddwin had when unconish after he bump into something. Taxi Driver started to worry and wants Bean to assist him, yet Mr. Bean refuse to beacause he want to win the race. Bean is force to assist him, until the racers came and Bean starts running againg.

Quotes and Origin

"What About My Fare!" -Taxi Driver (Mr. Bean: The Animated Series, episode: A Running Battle)


  • Durning Angry Peppermint Larry's final apperance in the Flapjack episode "Fish Out of Water", The chase secen when Flap and K'Nuckles turn into mermen can be use as a refence to the Taxi's Driver's chase secen in "The Running Battle".
  • One of the many one-timed villains in the series.
  • Deminds payment after a ride in his cab (Unless he find an unpaid costumer unconish).