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Sumurupl (16)

" We hail the great serpent goddess who shakes the heart of our world. All powerful snake mother, receive our offering of blood."

Taxan is the high priestess of the snake cult on the Amazon planet,Antares, where two earthling astronauts crash. She is extremely jealous, mean and power-engulfing. Her enemies are given in sacrifice to the great snake god, who lives in a pit under the palace.

Her cruel ways are firmly condemned by queen Sumuru, her arch rival. Taxan sets up an ambush, kills Sumuru's escort, and takes power for herself, while Sumuru flees with the two astronauts. Taxan leads the trackers, not hesitating to shoot one of her own crew for discussing her command.

In the final confrontation Sumuru kicks Taxan into an electrical pannel and she fries. As they turn to leave, Taxan's roasted hand reaches for her knife, but gets shot by Adam (one of the two astronauts) before she could harm anybody.

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