Somewhere down there is this Darkwing Duck. I've watched him. I know his weakness. His posing, his flamboyance, the mask and cape! Ha, ha! That hat! It all indicates an ego the size of a small planet!
~ Taurus Bulba

Taurus Bulba is the main antagonist of Darkwing Duck: Darkly Dawns the Duck. He is a big fearsome bull who wants power at any cost. He was the very first villain Darkwing Duck ever fought onscreen, though canonically he is the second villain Darkwing ever faced, only behind Megavolt. He has an incredible hatred towards Darkwing (due to the duck's ego), though ironically, his defeat turned Darkwing into a hero.

He was voiced by the legendary British actor who is best known for portraying many villainous roles and the characters in the film, Tim Curry, who also voiced several villains such as Hexxus, Maestro Forte, El Malefico among others.


Bulba's past is unknown, but he was serving a 99-year prison sentence. He escaped prison and plotted a scheme to steal the Waddlemeyer Ram Rod, a powerful anti-gravity beam gun, and use it to take over St. Canard. He killed Professor Waddlemeyer, the inventor of the weapon, in order to steal it. However, he never knew the device had a password code, so he kidnapped Waddlemeyer's granddaughter, Gosalyn, to activate the device. As Darkwing Duck tries to stop him, he forces Darkwing to give him the password or else he would drop Gosalyn from the building they were on. Darkwing manages to destroy the device, making a huge explosion which Darkwing barely escapes. Taurus was presumed dead.

Later on, FOWL's scientists manage to resurrect Taurus by turning him into a cyborg, intending to turn him into a FOWL top agent. Without second thoughts, Taurus blasts away the entire building, as he refuses the offer. Angrier than ever, he decides to take revenge on Darkwing Duck. After he kidnaps Gosalyn, he engages in his last fight with Darkwing that ends with him falling in a river. He is believed to be dead until he manages to fly away on a jet pack connected to his suit.


Everyone vs Taurus Bulba

In the non-canon continuation of the Darkwing Duck story via an 18 issue comic series, the story jumps forward many months later and St. Canard seemingly no longer needs Darkwing Duck due to mechanical police units created by a mysterious company called Quackworks. Later upon Darkwing's return to crime fighting, Taurus Bulba is revealed to have rebuilt himself and has founded Quackworks as a means to rid the city of heroes and villains as well as to become the hidden ruler of St. Canard. He also seeks the Gizmoduck suit as a means of increasing his power, however, with help from his allies, Darkwing destroys Taurus' newest body and while trying to escape, fights him again as he has returned in another body. Fortunately Gosalyn, using the Gizmoduck suit permanently deactivates Bulba's final body resulting in his final demise.


Taurus Bulba is greedy, selfish, ruthless, impatient, diabolical, manipulative, calculating, persuasive, iniquitous, sarcastic, fearsome, malicious, and menacing. He is the kind of person that anyone won't like to cross paths. He is also the only Darkwing Duck villain to be portrayed completely seriously, with very few humorous quirks to detract from his viciousness.



  • He is the only villain that Gosalyn fears.
  • His fate afterwords is unknown due to the show's cancellation, though he is shut down for good in the BOOM Studios comic.
  • Even though Bulba only appears in three episodes, he is Darkwing Duck's deadliest enemy.
  • Although Negaduck is the main and most recurring villain of the series, Bulba assumes the role of the main villain in the pilot, since Negaduck wasn't introduced yet.