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The Tatzlworm is an antagonist from the animated television show My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. It is a large worm-like beast that lives at the edge of Equestria. It first appears in the eleventh episode of the fourth season entitled Three's A Crowd.

Role in the series

Twilight Sparkle and Princess Cadance, along with Discord, travel to the edge of Equestria to find a rare flower that would cure Discord's blue flu. As they remove the flower from the ground with their magic and prepare to set back to Ponyville with it, the Tatzlwurm emerges from the ground and attempts to kill them. Twilight and Cadance fight off the Tatzlworm until it goes back into its hole as Princess Cadence covers the hole with large boulders to stop it from escaping. Later, when Twilight and Cadance realize that Discord was faking his blue flu sickness, the Tatzlworm bursts out of the ground and sneezes on Discord, making him sick for real as it slides back underground.


In issue #47 of IDW's comic series, a Tatzlwurm is revealed to be behind the ground cave-ins plaguing Ponyville since issue #46. When the Tatzlwurm comes above ground and attacks Ponyville, Mayor Mare devises a plan to drive it away by using it's weakness to large underground tremors. Assembling Ponyville to help, Mayor Mare lures the beast to Fluttershy's Cottage where she and the town ponies set off a large amount of dynamite originally used for the construction of Mayor Filthy Rich's Hoofield Stadium, driving the creature away.


  • The Tatzlworm is named after the Tatzelwurm of Alpine folklore. This creature is said to exhale deadly poison, just like the Tatzlwurm in the show has a disease-inflicting breath.
  • The Tatzlworm seems to be based off of Graboids, as both are giant worms with 3 snake-like tongues. 

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