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Tatty Bogles are another name for a scarecrow in some parts of the United Kingdom (especially Scotland), the origin of the word however is linked to a folkloric creature similar to a goblin or fairy - who was believed to dress up like a scarecrow and either attack unwary visitors to the potato-field it haunted or bring blight to the crops.

The Tatty Bogle was thus of the "Bogle" family of spirits, believed to be evil ghosts, fairies or demons by locals - related to earlier concepts such as the Unseelie Court and the Wild Hunt.

The word comes from "tatty" (potato) and "bogle" (the spirit class mentioned above).

Related Spirits

  • Bugbears (a medieval goblin in the guise of a frightening bear)
  • Trows (the Orkney / Shetland Isles version of the Nordic trolls, with elements of goblins added in)
  • Fairies (the generic term for nature spirits and non-deity spirits from across the world, many of which were seen as evil or dangerous in pre-Christain societies)

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