Now you're gonna get yours, tattletale!
~ The Tattletale Strangler to SpongeBob.
At least I'm safe from that yellow idiot!
~ The Tattletale Strangler's last words while in jail.

The Tattletale Strangler is the main antagonist of the SpongeBob SquarePants episode, "SpongeBob Meets the Strangler". He is a wanted criminal and a serial killer who strangles his victims after they rat him out who targets SpongeBob.


The Strangler is first seen littering in the Krusty Krab parking lot and is arrested after SpongeBob tells on him. The police then tell SpongeBob of how Strangler will kill anyone who tells on him, as SpongeBob witnesses him making threats in the back seat of the back seat of the police car. As SpongeBob and the police officers turn around, they realize that the Strangler has escaped, and the police subsequently abandon SpongeBob. After numerous failed attempts to get a bodyguard to protect him from the Strangler, the Strangler himself, wearing a fake mustache, gets SpongeBob to hire him, though SpongeBob is unaware that it is the Strangler in disguise. Strangler then tried to strangle SpongeBob many times, but fails because of SpongeBob's location and his blind stupidity (he often located himself in public places and forgot about his birthday/anniversary parties and house key). After being frustrated to no end, the Strangler eventually rips off his fake mustache and reveals his identity, only to run out of SpongeBob's house when he doesn't realize who he is and his friends try to throw another party. The Strangler attempts to run away from SpongeBob, but is followed by him to no end, eventually ending up in a jail cell. Strangler then willingly stays in prison as the police congratulate SpongeBob for putting him behind bars, thankful to be away from SpongeBob, only for Patrick, who is also in the cell, to ask him what he's in for.


  • There are several hints that SpongeBob knew that his "bodyguard" was the Strangler all along even before discovering his identity after he gets him behind bars:
    • Taking too long with his errands.
    • Taking 6 hours and 20 minutes to get into his house, only to find out there was a key under his doormat the whole time.
    • Climbing on top of him to gain entrance by placing his spiky cleats in his eye sockets.
    • At one point, he says "Don't mention it, Strangler—I mean bodyguard."
    • Sending everyone party invitations and throwing three parties in a row.
    • Chasing him all the way to the police station and placing him behind bars.
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