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Tatterdemalion is a supervillain from the Marvel Universe.


Tatterdemalion was originally known as Arnold Paffenroth, whom had a successful career as a tap dancer and an actor. After that he became a wealthy business investor, but organized crime swindled him out of his money. He went insane, prompting his wife to divorce him and leave him homeless. He was eventually contacted by a criminal organization called "The Committee" who outfitted him with a special costume that secreted chemicals that could dissolve paper products and make him to slippery to hold. He would usually mug wealthy people and destroy their money rather then steal it. This brought him into conflict with Spiderman, Ghost Rider, and Werewolf. He later tried to help the dance career of his former tap dancing partner Julia Walker by commiting acts of terrorism, until stopped by Dazzler. He later joined a supervillain team called Nightshift and battled the West Coast Avengers. Eventually his insanity became to much for him, and now he seems to be occupied by keeping imaginary space aliens from transmitting radio signals into his mind.

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