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Let's get real.
~ Tatiana Krumula

Tatiana Krumula (also known as Tatiana) is a Bulgarian drug distributor and a minor villainess in the 2013 comedy film The Heat.

She was portrayed by Kaitlin Olson who played Dennis Reynolds's twin sister, Deandra "Dee" Reynolds in the hilarious hit sitcom series It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia.


After their arrival at Detective Shannon Mullins's apartment building, both FBI special agent Sarah Ashburn and her reluctant new partner Detective Mullins enters the apartment room of Tatiana Krumula with the information given to Ashburn. They begin interviewing Tatiana, with Ashburn using Bulgarian to speak while Mullins decides to interrogate her. An angry Tatiana forces the two out of her house after Mullins breaks down the bathroom door and finds Tatiana's mother.


Oh, sure. You know, now is bad.
~ Tatiana Krumula
I'm making butter.
~ Tatiana Krumula
How about another time?
~ Tatiana Krumula
I've lived here since I moved in.
~ Tatiana Krumula
What you know, asshole?
~ Tatiana Krumula
No, I'm fucking French.
~ Tatiana Krumula correcting Agent Sarah Ashburn about her accent.
I don't understand what you're saying.
~ Tatiana Krumula
I mean, I don't understand what you're talking about? Why I go to jail when I don't do shit?
~ Tatiana Krumula
Oh, this couch not up to your satisfaction? You're not comfy?
~ Tatiana Krumula
You got good point. I tell you what, I open my mouth, you get the f**k out of my house now! How's that for open mouth? F**k out! Get f**k out!
~ Tatiana Krumula
Good to know.
~ Tatiana Krumula
That is not front door.
~ Tatiana Krumula
That's my mother!
~ Tatiana Krumula, when Detective Shannon Mullins broke the bathroom door and scared her mother.
Don't touch my underpants! Get out, bull in china shop. Out of my house. What the f**k's wrong with you?
~ Tatiana Krumula



  • Although her full name is revealed in the movie, she was simply credited as "Tatiana" in the film's end credits.