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Ohhh nooo!
~ The Tater Tots' catchphrase
Now, tell me: What happens to SKINNY BUTT, when he steps his skinny butt onto my turf? ... He gets smooshed like an ant on the sidewalk!
~ One of the Tater Tots threatening Josh in "Wedgelor"
Ya can't just say that this is your turf! Ya got to prove it!
~ The leader to Josh in "Tater Turf"
Which means... Scaunchboro Mall is now officially tater turfed! So it's time for you to get outta here! And when you go, you ain't never comin' back!
~ The leader ordering Josh to leave in "Tater Turf"

The Tater Tots are minor antagonists in Mr. Meaty. They are 8-year-old Hip Hop gangster brats and child rappers from the neighborhood who love to bully Josh and Parker, call them names, and give Josh painful wedgies.

The Tater Tots like to speak ebonics, act cool in public, and call Josh names, such as "Mr. Skinny Butt," "Skinny Butt," and "Noodle Man." As well, they once called Parker "Parker Stinkleman."

When they are about to dance, they usually tell their friend Tyrone to put their music on for them.


In Mr. Meaty

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