Tateobesu is a demonic sea monster and a minor villain in Devil May Cry 2.

This fish-like demon It has the ability to become invisible by assimilating its body to water, thus causing it to disregard locking-on, but it is still visible to the naked eye in this state.

Lucia encountered and killed this creature in the underwater passages of the underground temple while she and Dante are seperately searching one of the Arcanas.


Tateobesu is a demon monster with a aqua-green body that a mix of both a fish and an eel and it has 4 bulging eyes that can light up any underwater area he is in no matter how deep.

Powers and Abilities

Tateobesu can use its ability to become invisible, making the creature difficult to fight in combat and and making it easy for it to move in and strike at its prey, but it can seen visible to the naked eye in that state. Its four glowing eyes that lit up like a flashlight can also be seen in the process, so one must use this opportunity to strike the monster quickly.

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