To show his power, he burned the fields, he parched the land, and made the men beg for more water.
~ The narrator, narrating about one of Tasaku's being roguish towards the field

Tasaku asking the Mountain Spirits

Tasaku is eventually the true antagonist of the Japanese legend "The Stonecutter". He also appears in the film by Gerald McDermott, but is depicted in Chinese tales. He is eventually a greedy merchant and does not have a name until being named by Gerald McDermott.


Even though Tasaku is the main protagonist of the legend, his attitude in character became suspicious and depressed after meeting a prince, which made him envious. Tasaku was the hero who turned to the negative side and wanted to become more powerful than a prince.


Eventually, Tasaku asked the mountain spirit about nothing but to work each day. He saw a prince down the fields, which resulted him to become very depressed. It all started once Tasaku never started cutting many stones.

Prince Tasaku

Tasaku as a prince

Sun Tasaku

Tasaku burning the fields in his sun form.

Tasaku wanted to be a prince, which made the spirits hear the voice. The wish was granted. Now a prince, Tasaku walked every day across the gardens, but saw an official on a sedan chair. However, the citizens started hating him for being very rich. Soon, he saw the sun which started burning the crops. He demands the spirits to make him into the sun in order for photosynthesis; by doing the task wrongly, which became a disaster. The land was parched and the fields are burned. Also, the villagers are very angry that there is lack of water.

Storm Tasaku

Tasaku creating storms in his cloud form.

Then, a cloud came towards Tasaku as the sun. This made the cloud more powerful than the sun. Tasaku became a cloud to make rain towards the fields. One of more despicable choices done by Tasaku is creating storms, which flooded the village. Tasaku also heard the wind blowing when creating storms. He also demanded to be the wind, which is mostly hated by many farmers. As soon as Tasaku passed the mountain, the spirits turned him into a mountain.

Mountain Tasaku

Tasaku as a mountain.

Tasaku demanded the spirits by turning him into a mountain. He turned into a mountain; as Tasaku had nothing else to do, which saw the figure of himself.


  • He appeared in the film directed by Gerald McDermott. This depiction of him has a shorter role.


  • Tasaku is very similar to the grouchy wife from "The Little Sparrow". Both were villains were a lesson.
  • Most of the scenes in the version by Gerald McDermott are omitted, making the story smaller.


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