Don't compare me with those weaklings
~ Tarvos to Kouga about the Martians

Tarvos was a tertiary class pallasite. He is not a human. As a pallasite, his time control and another powers, depends of his weapon (mace) and with out it, the distortions made by him disappears.

Personality Edit

Tarvos, like the other pallasites, is amoral and have no own personality. He only is a bad guy that want kill Kouga because he defeated him. So, he don't cares to frozen people.

History Edit

Tarvos was the first pallasite to show in Saint Seiya Omega. He was sent to kill Kouga in the island where he lived, and after a quick battle, Kouga could restore his cloth, and defeat Tarvos. Tarvos swear avenge on Kouga and get away.

In a city, Tarvos attacks with Quartenary Pallasites (leading them) and timestops the peoples of this city. Kouga and Subaru arrives there. Tarvos say to Kouga that he is like him: Fight to destroy something (Tarvos wants destroy the human world, and Kouga wants destroy the Saori and Seiya relationship that he thinks it's happening). Subaru tries convinces Kouga to fight to protect the humans, and Kouga only decides this when Tarvos try to kill a baby. Kouga defeat Tarvos and breaks his Chronotector, and because this, Tarvos get away again.

In Pallasbelda, Tarvos uses his complete chronotector, that is indestructible. But, Ryuho blocks all Tarvos attacks, to Kouga hit mortally him.