Taruru is a character in Sgt. Frog (also known as Keroro Gunso).

Formerly Tamama's apprentice and still calls him "master," or "senpai", Private First Class Taruru (タルル上等兵

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Taruru Jōtōhei) was more clumsy than Tamama in the past. Taruru first appeared to see if all the rumors about the Keroro Platoon was true, revealing what Tamama told him about the platoon. In the anime he also appeared a couple of times with his childhood friend Karara, forming a duo of mischievous tadpoles. Despite Taruru's clumsiness in the past, he became skilled since training with the Garuru Platoon and has exceededTamama in both growth and rank, defeating him in a face-off, but was defeated by a persevering Tamama.

Taruru is light blue with gray headgear and wears the Koreisha mark in belly and forehead. In his first appearance, he still had his tadpole tail, but later grew up and lost it.