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Taro was a ruthless and manipulate businessman from Japan who became a villain in the animated series "Gargoyles".

Taro was planning on getting rich by creating a gargoyle-themed amusement park where he planned on displaying the Japanese Gargoyles as a modern day freakshow to a paying public, in order to do this he tricked one of the gargoyles (named Yama) into a deal by pretending that the true intent was one of education and that the gargoyles would be teaching schoolchildren the way of bushido.

Yama believed him and aided Taro in finishing the theme-park before aiding in the kidnap of his own clan, Taro employed ninjas to keep the human population (including a visiting Elisa) occupied while he spirited the gargoyles away to his theme-park where he planned on revealing them to the press.

However when Yama became aware of what was truly happening he was quick to aid his clan, along with the Manhattan Clan, and together they escaped the theme-park - leaving Taro hanging from a giant mechanical gargoyle as the press arrived, making Taro a complete laughing stock.

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