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Tarkus is one of the undead henchmen of Dio Brando and a villain in the first arc of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure.


Tarkus and his partner Bruford were knights who lived during the 16th century and served the young Mary Stuart, who was disputing the throne with Elizabeth I. When Mary's husband dies, Elizabeth takes the chance and accuses Mary of murdering her husband. Because of this, the nobles revolted against Mary and gathered their armies, but Bruford and Tarkus were enough to defeat them all, even when they were already at a big disadvantage. Mary is imprisoned, and Elizabeth offers to release Mary in exchange of them both surrendering. When they are about to be executed, they discover that it was all a trap to kill them, because Mary were already dead. Both of them are executed cursing the world for their souls.

300 years later, the vampire Dio Brando resurrects them both to serve him, making them vampires as well. When Jonathan Joestar faces Dio, he summons them to fight him, since he was so bored. Jonathan defeats Bruford, then Tarkus steps to fight him, but he surprisingly starts stomping on his friend's armor, kicking it away. He then show that he is very different from Bruford in that he enjoys slaughtering people. He uses his massive sword to slam the ground, revealing the ruins of his old training grounds. To not fall in the pit, Jonathan and Will Zepelli both use their ripple skills to create a glider using leaves. Tarkus jumps after them, falling in one of the towers on the place. When Jonathan enter a room, a chained necklace grabs on his neck: it was Tarkus way of inviting him to fight him in his favorite training, the Room of Dragon Decapitation. He attaches himself with another necklace, which is connected to Jonathan. The only way to remove the necklace is to defeat the opponent and decapitate him. The two engage in battle, as Will and Speedwagon tries to find a way to enter the room. Poco, alittle kid who was with them, enter a hole in the wall, but is violently knocked by Tarkus, who doesn't want interference in their battle. Poco, even wounded, manages to push the switch to open the door of the room. Will, sensing it is his fate to die there, attacks Tarkus, who counters with his special technique, using the chains on both sides to rip Will by half. Will then passes all of his powers to Jonathan, who then breaks the necklace and pulverize Tarkus with his powers.


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