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Anton Miguel Rodriguez was a revolutionary against dictatorship, but he loved killing too much and was forced out. He then joined those who he first fought. There he got the costume and a name Tarantula. But when he killed a fellow officer, he was yet again forced out. He escaped to United States, where he started his criminal career.

On his first job he met Spider-Man and the Punisher who foiled his plans. He was thrown into prison, where he escaped thanks to Jackal, who used him as tool against Spider-Man. He tried several kidnapping jobs, but ultimately failed them. Frustrated on his defeats he subjected himself to experiment to duplicate Spider-Man's power.

The experiment went bad when Will-O-The-Wisp trashed the machines. Anton was turned into eight-limbed spider hybrid. His intelligence waned and appearance turned more spider-like with moments. In the end he jumped down from the roof goading for cops to shoot him, thus ending his life.


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