Tapirmon is a minor villain in Digimon Frontier. He was known as Bakumon in Digimon Frontier.


Tapirmon is a Rookie Level Digimon that Resembles a Tapir with brown and purple. It's back legs can become clouds so they can fly. They carry armor on their face and wears a large ring on their front left leg.

Digimon Frontier

While Cherubimon was ruling most of the Digital World, he corrupted a Bakumon by taking his Holy Ring. Tommy, Takuya, J.P. and Koji saw his silhouettes of Bakumon but they didn't who it was. When the DigiDestined were asleep Bakumon manipluated Tommy in his sleep. Tommy Spirit evolved into Kumamon and attacked the others. Lobomon used the power of light, so they could find Bakumon more easily. Bakumon attempted to manipluate Agunimon's mind, but it didn't work. Agunimon then used his Pyro Punch to defeat Bakumon. He purified Bakumon and Bakumon aquired his Holy Ring. Bakumon said he was sorry by giving everyone nice dreams instead of nightmares.


  • Nightmare Syndrome
  • Deleting Virus

Twin Attacks

  • Double Nightmare Syndrome; combine attack with Digitamamon


  • Tapirmon are usually partners with Digitamamon because they use the same attack.