Tapir Mutant
Tapir Mutant (17) is a tapir-like monster. It can teleport, shoot sparks out of its mouth and even emit and withdraw bubbles that can absorb the dreams of anyone and bring it out in a dream sphere (destroying the dream sphere hurts the person whose dreams were absorbed) which can be used to control anyone's dreams. Tapir Mutant was sent to capture Nobuhiko's sister Kyoko so that they can place some of her life force in him to awaken Shadow Moon. Tapir Mutant stole Kyoko's dream to lure her out so that they can use her life force to awaken Shadow Moon. When she is captured, Tapir Mutant extracted her spirit out of her body and used her dreams to lure her to the High Priests where Darom lifted her into a bubble that's the same as the one that Nobukiko was in to transfer her energy into. Kotaro found Kyoko's body and was ambushed by Tapir Mutant. Once Tapir Mutant was killed by the Rider Kick, Kyoko's spirit returned to her body.