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Tao Gao

Tao Gao is aminor villain from Romancing SaGa 3. The shogun of Huang City, Tao got corrupted by the power of the Abyss (one of the Abyss Gates was located over his palace), starting a war against Xuan City and intending to march his troops to the north to retrieve the Devil King's armor and conquer the world. Once all four main Abyss Gates are closed, the heroes learn about the Gate over his palace, so Yan Fan, general of Xuan City, comes with a plan to charge his troops against Tao Gao, in order to draw out his soldiers out of the palace so the heroes can sneak into the place. The plan succeeds, and the heroes find Tao in the upper floor, so he rans to the outside and into the rooftop. Cornered, he summons a dragon to kill the heroes, but as they defeat it, the dragon attacks Tao Gao, making him fall to the death.

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