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Tansit is an enemy of Space Ghost in the original Hannah-Barbera series. He and his men are the Intergalactic Hi-Jackers. Tansit uses a space chariot that fires lethal lasers. Tansit was last seen heading for the death mist. Although he was a One-Shot villain in the original series, he became a recurring villain in Space Ghost Coast to Coast where he is an overweight and cowardly man in an orange costume and helmet. His outfit makes him appear much more menacing than he actually is, but fails completely at hiding his gut. He replaced Moltar as director of the show twice, and messed it up. His biggest fear is getting zapped by one of Space Ghost's rays. He is a member of the Council of Doom. For about half the episodes of season 4 he announced the show off-screen until he was fired by Space Ghost.

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