Tankard "Tank" Muddlefoot is the eldest son of Herb and Binkie Muddlefoot, the older brother on Honker and an antagonist in the 1991-1992 series Darkwing Duck. He was voiced by late Dana Hill (who also voiced Max Goof in Goof Troop).

He lives with his parents and brother in St. Canard and is neighbours with Drake Mallard (the alter ego of Darkwing Duck). Herb and Binkie are unaware of Tank's behaviour towards Honker and Drake. Unlike Gosalyn, Tank can get away with anything with his parents.

His Negaverse counterpart Nega Tank is good natured and polite, much like Honker in the normal universe.

He only appears in the first ABC Saturday morning season and during the Fall run of the syndicated series. He made 14 appearances in the series before being dropped from the show as he was considered redundant by producer Tad Stones.



  • Tank is similar to Shelly Marsh
    • Both are the older siblings of one of the protagonists (Honker and Stan).
    • Both bully their younger siblings.
    • Both hide their true nature from their parents.
  • He is also similar to Nelson Muntz

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