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is a villain from the first season of Yu-Gi-Oh! GX. She is an amazon, and the third of the Shadow Riders.


Tania is a lady with a dark skin, and big blue eyes. She has two scars running over her right eye. She wears a blue tank top, combat pants, and gloves, with several rings and a large spiked collar. Her long hair is tied back in a ponytail. She is very muscular.

As a Shadow Rider

Tania is a somewhat different Shadow Rider. She promises rare cards to students of Duel Academy, but they have to help her build a colosseum. She doesn't take away souls. During her first duel, she falls in love with her opponent Bastion Misawa. He gets so distracted that he loses, and he stays with Tania in the colosseum. However, after a few days he comes back to Duel Academy. It turns out that Tania lost interest in him after he began to lose duels with her. They go back to the colosseum, but this time, Jaden duels Tania and he defeats her. She reveals her Shadow Charm, the Shadow Gauntlet. When she takes it off, she turns into a tiger and leaves.