Don't think, feel and you'll be Tanasinn

Tanasinn is a meme originated in internet message board 2chan, often protrayed as different ASCII art featuring deformed Doraemon. The idea behind the Tanasinn meme is that it's supposed to be an inaccessible secret, or a hidden art. The concept of Tanasinn has been given a metacognitive status, like an idea that is not easily grasped through human minds and instead has to be felt to be understood. However, this meme has had several modifications and a villainous nature: People that have died while trying to comprehend it, or having achieved it, proving being too much for them and die anyway. It's also sometimes reported to have a mind of its own and being in the essence of things and even the universe itself and have a malicious or hegemonist nature, which may that it could actually be a demon or an immaterial evil entity. In essence, it's been established as a villain and a really powerful one at that.



SMW VIP5 Tanasinn Boss

SMW VIP5 Tanasinn Boss