Tammy Larsen is the main antagonist of Bob's Burgers episodes "Bad Tina" and "Mazel Tina". Tina hangs around with her to get closer to Jimmy Pesto Jr. Tammy gives Tina a bad influence causing Tina to turn bad. By the time Tina crosses her, she decided to read her private journal. She is voiced by Jenny Slate who voiced Dawn Bellwether from Disney movie Zootopia.


Tammy is usually seen wearing a pink shirt with the right sleeve pulled down to reveal her shoulder, black pants and blue shoes. She wears heavy green eyeshadow and pink lip gloss.

In the promotional images for the episode "Bad Tina", Tammy has blonde hair but has brown hair in the actual episode. From her next appearance on in episode "Broadcast Wagstaff School News", she has blonde hair again, she and Tina both mention the change implying that her hair is naturally brown. Her natural hair color is believed to be brown as Tina says "Neither are you" in response to Tammy saying that Louise isn't a blonde in "Lice Things Are Lice". She also has a ponytail that protrudes from the right side of her head kept in place with a purple tie.

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