You think me some petty death-dealer, suckling at the breast of war? A strange target, don't you think? Why me, when so many others do the same?
~ Tamir's final words
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Tamir is a supporting antagonist from the 2007 video game Assassin's Creed. He is the first target that Altaïr needs to assassinate to redeem himself. Tamir is a wealthy and influential black market weapons dealer, starting small as a supplier for the Saracen army, Tamir rose to prominence and became associated with the Saracen leader Saladin. Tamir was also a secret member of the Templar Order, plotting alongside his master Robert de Sable to turn both the Saracens and the Crusaders against the Assassin Brotherhood.


Tamir is an arms dealer that lives and works in the poor district of Damascus. He is the greatest arms dealer in the land and has little opposition. He does almost all of his business from his souk. He doesn't like being insulted, and he is not afraid of killing those that are foolish enough to anger him.

At the time Altaïr was looking for Tamir, he had an unusually large shipment of weapons that were to be shipped to an unknown destination. This destination was later revealed to be the Grand master of the Templar Order.


Tamir is assassinated by Altaïr right after a meeting in the courtyard of the Souk Al-Sallah, where he spoke to the man shipping his orders. Tamir first kills an innocent man because he angered him, and then started inspecting the vending stalls. Altaïr managed to get close enough to assassinate him with his hidden blade. In his last moments, Tamir told Altair that obtaining profit wasn't Tamir's goal, claiming that he had a little part to play in the Templar's plot.