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DISCLAIMER: This is for the fictional take on Tamara Chambers. Only add what she does in the That Guys With the Glasses universe.

Tamara Chambers is a fictionalized take on the real Tamara Chambers who currently works for the Nostalgia Critic after Rachel Tietz departed TGWTG and went back to California. So far, she only appeared in two 


of the Critic's reviews, his review of the disaster movie that is Catwoman, and his review of The Wicker Man remake being the most recent of his reviews.

She is shown to be mentally unstable, unlike Rachel who was relatively sane. It's subtly suggested that Tamara is in league with the Critic's arch-nemesis Mara Wilson.


The review begins with a counselor discussing Catwoman with a group of young actresses. The women were enraged that the actor Halle Berry was chosen for the role of Catwoman in the 2004 film and that she blotched the movie up. When the counselor mentioned that the Critic was making a review of the film in question, they tied the counselor up and tried to star in the Critic's review by force. However, the Critic tells them that they had C. R. A. B. S. (Catwomen Raging Against Halle Berry Syndrome), and that they should be glad that they didn't get involved with this trainwreck. They later get a job on the Internet in cat videos, which oddly gets more views than the alternative. Tamara played the actress Anne Hathaway, a member of the Catwomen.

Wicker Man

Tamara reappeared in the Critic's review of the remake of the 1989 film Wicker Man, she stalks the Nostalgia Critic around his office, persuading him to talk about the film and how it is her favorite. She has a disturbing habit of disappearing and reappearing, she can teleport and eavesdrops on the Critic's entire review. She tortures the Nostalgia Critic to get him to do a review of the infamous scene where Nicolas Cage is tortured with bees, and due to the Critic not recognizing the scene in his actual review she gets furious. To help her, she has Malcolm hit the Critic in the groin with a rubber hammer and has him throw Internet memes of the bee scene over the Critic's face.

During the end of the review she does a parody of the end of the film in which James Franco and Jason Ritter are cops in a bar and meet the islands' women. She tries to get Cinema Snob and Spoony to do a review on the Wicker Man remake when she overheard them discussing Nicholas Cage films in a bar. Fortunately for them, the Critic confronts Tamara and tells her how so obsessive and psychotic she was. When it looked like he was about to kill her, he instead asks her to work for him. She accepts his offer, and the Critic is hit by an incoming truck (a running gag in  the episode).

If the fictionalized version of Tamara was the girl who poisoned herself in the middle of the review for Blues Brothers 2000, then the character has been retired and qualifies as Presumed Deceased.


Nostalgia Critic- Wicker Man (2006) Review35:08

Nostalgia Critic- Wicker Man (2006) Review