Tamama is a character in Sgt. Frog.

Private Second Class Tamama (タママ二等兵Tamama Nitōhei) is ranked Private Second Class in the Keron

Army's Keroro Platoon. He is the newest member in the planetary invasion troop, and also the youngest, still having his tadpole tail and white face. Tamama has a dark blue body with yellow headgear and big round eyes. He wears a green and yellow mark on his head and belly, which matches the Shoshinsha mark that new drivers in Japan must display on their cars for one year after obtaining their licenses. His afro is a reddish-brown. He first appears on the third chapter of the manga and in the 2nd episode of the anime.

Tamama idolizes and has strong feelings towards Keroro, though the latter seems unaware of them. He hates Mois because of her own feelings for Keroro, and trains hard until the day when he defeats her and gains Keroro's affection. However, sometimes he is shamed of his own evilness when faced with Mois's pure heart. He relies on pure energy in battle, shooting his powerful attack, Tamama Impact, a yellow energy beam, from his mouth, and he's often seen training, usually beating up a piece of wood with a sloppy drawing of Mois.


Tamama's Dark side.

Tamama has mood swings that border on a split personality, just like his human partner Momoka Nishizawa. While usually gentle and cheerful, Tamama can become a vengeful, raving maniac at the drop of a hat. Tamama is also prone to fits of jealousy, usually towards anyone who gets near Keroro, especially Angol Mois, who he frequently refers to as "that damn woman". These negative feelings power his energy beam.

Tamama loves snacks and sweets, and living with the ultra-rich Momoka means he has as many as he wants. His name stems from the Japanese word otamajakushi "tadpole".