Tamae Sakuma
Chameleon Zodiarts

Chameleon Zodiarts

Tamae Sakuma is a third-year student who is in the cheerleading squad, in addition to being one of Miu Kazashiro's "sidekicks".


Tamae has become tired of Miu's two-year winning streak in the annual Queen Festival, a contest that votes for the "queen" of the student body. To stop Miu from winning her third year so she would be able to win the contest herself, Tamae is given the Zodiarts Switch that allows her to become the Chameleon Zodiarts, a Zodiarts that can appear invisible as well as attack with its powerful tongue-like tendrils.


To orchestrate her plan to remove Miu from the contest, Tamae begins to attack students that could be potential threats to her success. Then, when Miu takes the stage for the talent competition, Tamae fakes being attacked herself so she would be able to transform and cause a commotion, allowing for a video of Miu lambasting the student body to play. When her identity is revealed, Tamae fakes remorse to catch Miu off guard and injures her severely to remove her from the contest. However, Miu musters up enough strength to return to school despite her yet-to-recover injuries and wins back the hearts of the student body with her powerful speech.

Tamae, enraged that her plan has failed, ignores Kengo's warning against using her Zodiarts Switch when it enters its Last One state. She attacks Miu as the Chameleon Zodiarts once more, but Kamen Rider Fourze is able to save the school's reigning "queen" and eventually destroys the Zodiarts with his Rider Rocket Drill Kick, gaining access to the Zodiarts Switch to shut it off. After Miu wins the contest for the third year in a row, she forgives Tamae for her actions, and renews their friendship under the promise that Tamae would beat Miu through honest means.