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Tama is the main antagonist in The Raid: Redemption. He was a crime lord of Jakarta before he was killed by Lieutenant Wahyu.

He was portrayed by ???.

Tama Riyidai is one of the notorious crime bosses in Indonesia who own the apartment when his henchmen worked there and rented rooms under his protection, Where the Indonesian SWAT officers led by Lieutenant Wahyu to intends to capture Tama but it was trap for the team where innocent tenant delivering medicine to his sick wife and killed by Wahyu in front of his team include Rama whose brother Andi worked as henchman, Tama announces over the PA system that the police are trapped on the sixth floor stairwell and forced the team to fight themselves with Tama's henchmen for survival and to gain evidence for his crimes.

He was killed by Rama and Andi.

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