Tam Brodie is the tertiary antagonist of the Mafia II DLC packs The Betrayal of Jimmy and Jimmy's Vendetta. He is the leader of his own Irish gang in Empire Bay and an acquaintance of Judge Hillwood and Don Sal Gravina.


The Betrayal of Jimmy

Tam Brodie employed a mob contractor named Jimmy to solve his problems with the Triads. Jimmy obliged and dealt several blows to the Triads, most notably their protection rackets. Tam Brodie along with Sal Gravina and their superior Judge Hillwood plotted to bring down Jimmy, and later set him up by having drugs planted in his car. Jimmy got arrested and was later sentenced to 15 years in prison by Hillwood.

Jimmy's Vendetta

Jimmy broke out of prison and began hunting after both Tam and Sal to take revenge for their betrayal. He began taking down their criminal operations. Tam began hiding out at a derelict factory district in Empire Bay known as Empire Bay Forge, but Jimmy tracked him down and killed him.


  • He shares a character model with Mickey Desmond from the main Mafia II campaign.