Isn't he one of the Titans?

Might be. He's big enough.

~ Argonauts Hilas and Hercules as they discover Talos

Talos, based on the Titan of the same name, is a major antagonist in the 1963 classic fantasy film, Jason & the Argonauts. He is a living, evil giant bronze statue who tries to kill the Argonauts, led by Jason, for stole and keeps for himself.


Talos's appearance looks like that of a soldier, except much bigger, and is made out of steel. His only weak-spot is an enclosed hole which contained life-giving ichor in it, which kept Talos alive until Hera ripped it open.


He is an evil, yet sadistic statue who will attempt to kill anyone, especially Jason and the Argonauts, for sport. He also has treasures that he keeps for himself, making him greedy as well. His sinister personality led to Hera killing him by ripping out his only weak-spot which contained his life-giving ichor, making him fall flat on the ground and also kill Hylas.