Talon (DC)
Just because that gas didn't mess up your face, doesn't mean you're not a freak like us!
~ Talon.
Talon was a Bang Baby who was recruited into Ebon's gang and an antagonist in the Static Shock series. She was a mutated bird-woman who was able to fly and to emit a powerful sonic scream.

She was voiced by Tia Texada.


Before the Big Bang she was presumably a street person of Latino origin. Her real name is Teresa.

She was affected by Quantum Vapor gas and didn't like her new appearance. Ebon recruited her into his gang the Meta-Breed. Because of joining Ebon, she fought Static numerous times. When the Joker came to Dakota, he formed a metahuman gang and Talon was one of their members. She played a crucial part in the abducting Batman and Robin. Static arrived to free the Dynamic Duo, igniting a fight in the Joker's hideout. Robin defeated Talon with a bola.

After a while she begins to turn against Ebon. When an antidote is released to revert the Bang Baby's to their original states, Talon is restored to her human form, and willingly gives up crime as well as going by her original name Teresa again. She helps Static and Gear find out Ebon's master plan.

At the hospital, she is kidnapped by Ebon to be an unwilling test subject for the recreated big bang but she broke free. She released Static and Gear telling them what was happening between Hotstreak and Ebon and is told to run away as she agrees and flees the area. It's unknown if Teresa was affected by the New Big Bang, caused by Hotstreak and Ebon, but if not she presumably managed to escape without being turned back to her Bang baby form.