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Claw's Nephew

Talon is the secondary antagonist in the Inspector Gadget series in 2015. He is Doctor Claw's nephew, and works as his main right hand minion on his missions.


Talon is shown to be a 15 year old boy with dark purple hair and brown eyes.

In his first appearance Talon had his hair combed down, and he was wearing a white shirt, a dark grey jacket, blue jeans and green boots. But after revealing his his true self, Talon began combing his hair up, and started wearing a dark purple hoodie jacket with dark/light purple striped sleeves, light backed, dark palmed purple gloves, dark purple pants, and light purple striped dark purple boots.

Love Interest

Throughout the series, it is shown that Talon has a crush on Penny, and vice versa, despite the fact both are enemies like their uncles. Due to this, they cannot be together.

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